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Instead of having an expert cram theories and tips down your throat, she helps you arrive at a decision only you are able to manage. If you want accountability and coaching instead of a prescriptive method of communication, work with Fabienne. She knows that not all businesses are the same, and she has the tools and resources you need at every stage. Also, I had my first paying premium client a few weeks after masterminding with her.





Margaret Olat

I have learned through working with Fabienne that the key to my success is just simple, straight focus on the top actions that propel progress. I now will always recommend to anyone interested in starting a business to start by employing a person who will keep them thinking in the right direction. An effective business coach will turn all the noise down around you and help think through what exactly it is you need to focus on. Thank you for doing that so that I can think through what is best for ME and MY business!



Jessica Dela Rosa

Healthcare Leader

Everything Fabienne was saying from day one if unfolding and I'm seeing it.  I'm like: "Wow! She's a genius!". I'm successfully working with clients now and am such in a great place!  I am beyond just grateful. A lot of things have unfolded for me and I'm super grateful!



Rasie Bamigbade

Leadership Coach

What separates Fabienne from other coaches is that she always keeps her authenticity and is at the level of service, and that allows me to stay authentic.  I had other coaches who would push me without considering my struggles - and that kept me stuck.  She has the excitement of a coach. With her help,  I was able to earn the same amount of money as in my day job in half the time with my business.


Cable Jones

Heal Coach

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