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Let's Work Together!


Fabienne is so authentic, it's disarming. The Orange Hat audience is still talking about her presentation a year after the event.





Ivelin Demirov

Founder, The Orange Hat Summit

Fabienne presented at The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference and boy did she deliver!  From the reviews and from the tweets that came direct from her session, you could see the engagement she got from her audience.  She was also a pleasure to work with before and after the event.  I'd highly recommend her for your next workshop or keynote.



Rich Brooks

Founder, The Agents Of Change Digital Marketing Conference

Fabienne was very timely before her presentation with deadlines and most importantly delivered a fantastic presentation to our audience.  Her talk was mentioned to us many times after the conference and we wouldn't hesitate to invite Fabienne again.



Izabela Russel

Founder, New Media Europe